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Post  Spikey on 1st December 2007, 02:31

Hey, i would like to join the guild because i want a more social guild than the one i am in now, and sounds great that you not only doing PvE and also doing some Premades Very Happy

Name: Spikey

Class: 70 hunter

Spec:41/20/0 that means Beast mastery and 20 MM

I have almost full epic need 5 items and 2 off them is my trinkets, working on get the blues to be epic you can see my gear here Very Happy http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Doomhammer&n=Spikey

I know how to play my class and i have done almost all bosses in kara havent killed Princes nightbane, netherspite yet. I never tried Gruuls since my guild not raiding it yet.
ye well been in my guild for long time i would like to see how other good guilds not only raiding but social and that, and ofc also to get neew experience about raiding new places Very Happy ye my real name is Kasper im 14 years old played wow for soon 2 years, and i like play football. You can contact me in game at my main Spikey, i dont paly at alts cya Very Happy
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