Applying for that Guild!

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Applying for that Guild!

Post  BackupHe on 16th December 2007, 19:58

Greetings to you all!

Im a lvl 70 Holy Paladin
Class: Paladin
Race: Dworf
Looking for a good raiding guild!
I am from Austria and ive pre TBC Raid Experiance, also Kara (Clear), Gruul Clear, SSC Start, and ZA 1st Boss.
I am 16 Years old and i live in Vienna, im a friendly and helpfull person, but can also be angry when people want me to be ;=)!
I have (had) Karazhan and Gruul Gear! Atm. my Account got hacked and i actually have non of that gear -.-.
My Raid Times are mostly Different. During the week i can Raid from 18.30 till 22.30 (GT)- during the Weekends i can play whole day/night!- As often as YOU would need ME! I hope my 16 years are nothing what can be a - for my Application xD?!

Well ive been in many Guilds i started my (In-game Life) with IRL Friends from Austria. Ive been in the Guild "AmazoniX" wich have been a great one but not that what i wanted to do. After that ive been in the (dont punk/hurt / laugh about me now) very good Guild "Divine Exile" wich have brought me nearer and nearer to better gear and much more fun/friends. Then i went onto a German Server (Totally fucked up xD) and suddenly i was back on DH EU Wink. My last Guild was TLC= The last Crusaders, i left them becauze my Parents wanted that i stop playing, now my Parents changed Mind and let me play (see above) at that Times.

Im hoping to hear from you sooner or later!
As long as i stay and heal like hell! BackUpHeal (lvl 70 holy Paladin)!

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